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Industrial Wire Cloth Specifications.

Door and Window Screens to prevent entry of insects and unwanted pests.


Aggregate, Sand and Gravel Screens



Abrasion Resistant Space Cloth

Space cloth is wire cloth designated by the aperture (open space) width, expressed in inches or fractions thereof.  Space cloth specifications are frequently utilized for mineral, ore, sand and gravel screening.

Flowmax Modular Polyurethane

Flowmax is the ultimate synthetic modular screening system. Offering numerous advantages such as superior open area, a super secure locking system requiring no pins or lose parts, and a tensionable modular frame that requires NO DECK MODIFICATIONS, Flowmax is incomparable.

Non-Blinding Clean Flow Screens

Clean screens provide accurate screening and sizing, by separating the flakes, elongated material, and slivers from product where other screens fail.

Screen Hooks and Edge Treatments

Proper screen tension is crucial for effective screening and longer screen life. Our edge preparations fit the deck properly for easy screen installation and tensioning.


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